‘Tis the Season for Christmas Parties

I like crackers and snacks. That’s what my three year old was saying on the way to the refreshment table which was serving crackers and cheese en masse, while on the next table the corporate punch bowl and reindeer napkins were standing by.

I love our “company” Christmas party. I say “company” in quotes because we’re not really a company but rather a group of churches in a given regional area which we call a conference. Imagine a bunch of pastors, their spouses and, perhaps offering the greatest dynamic, their children. Imagine steamed vegetables and other dinner products. Put them all at tables in a big gymnasium and keep them occupied — mix, season and let it rise — there’s your Christmas party.

It was a good one, too. I like it when all these people are together because pastors get their needed connection, we can get to know families and, best of all, we get to watch a puppet show together. How often do we get to do this? I’ve never counted, but I do know that we had to leave early because Lexi had just about enough of this “sitting still” business. Malachi was fed up with having to be “quiet” while we “listened”. We left early, so I have yet to hear how the rest of it went. I’m sorry to say we missed the juggling. I’m also sorry to say that we didn’t think to jam some cheese and crackers into Emily’s purse before we left, since that would make an ideal breakfast for the kids right about now.
They also want me to do a puppet show this morning, an event for which I am not prepared. I’ll leave that to the pros.

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