And now, on to Christmas Eve

It’s GO time for Christmas Eve. Actually, GO time won’t come for another 26 days, but that’s right around the corner. So is the new Baby that’s still in the oven, the one who is soon to have its timer pop out like the Turkey does. This is much to the joy of the family but is alarming because there is no clock counting down on the spice rack. There is no way to say “the turkey/baby will be done by 3pm”. We have no idea. TurkeyBaby could come today or next week. Certainly not both, and possibly not either, but it is a likelihood that must be addressed.

Sometimes (and let me emphasize again – sometimes) I am totally stressed out by what is to be done. Christmas is a mix of happy times and panicky preparations for people in the Music Ministry industry. Not that it’s an industry, because if it was we’d form a union. The nature of the beast is to take the most family-oriented times and also make them the heaviest ministry times. I knew that when I signed up. But right now I’m in a shallow panic over the fact that 1) Christmas is like next week and 2) Turkey/Baby will be here before Christmas, if not on the very day, since the due date is (seriously) December 25. If only we could think of a name…

Fun fact: Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th. Most scholars suggest that He was probably born in late September in either 4 or 5 B.C. Strange but true.

Nevertheless, I press on and continue to nest, just as Emily is doing. I’m thinking through every possible scenario that involves me and thinking, essentially, what will it take for me to be out of the picture? Johnny Maxwell always said that great leaders work themselves out of a job, meaning that we get so good at delegation and empowerment that we are no longer essential to the organization in our current capacity. And a little baby shall put this principle to the test.

Incidentally, it turns out that more Evangelical churches are whooping it up Advent-style, as seen in this USA Today article. Was Bob Webber on to something?

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