One of these days, I’ll blog again

One of these days, I’ll blog again. And that one of these days is today. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “Can you add bacon?” I’ve also said “I’ll blog again”.

In the last 10 days, I’ve been all over the map — a wedding, a funeral, even a brief layover in the ER. The wedding was, of course, for my sister. I used to change her diapers (parents made me) and there I was, standing and watching her get ready to tie the knot. Sadly, she had to come back home a few days later to be part of the funeral for our Grandma June, who has spent the last year struggling with her health. Even the most “expected” events are still devastating. The ER thing was just for strep throat, a very aggressive case that caused me to question my own ability to swallow water.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving which makes today Thanksgiving eve. I have already consumed a piece of Pecan Pie to mark the occasion and will continue to celebrate at sunrise tomorrow. Mmm…turkey oatmeal. I’m suddenly finding myself hoping that such a thing doesn’t actually exist.

As I’m sitting here resting, the TV is showing me “Rosie – LIVE”, which I’m watching purely to see if anything goes horribly wrong (besides the script). Having Alec Baldwin come out to the theme from JC Superstar is weird, and so is watching Alec try to carry Rosie O’Donnell for more than a few seconds. He’s no Messiah but he is going to a chiropractor. Excuse me while I change the channel…

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