The Weekend

I just spent the weekend eating wedding food, rehearsing a wedding, taking pictures with people in matching dresses and tuxes, and welcoming people to a wedding ceremony. Can anyone guess what I’ve been up to?
That’s right.
I’ve been snorkeling.
By which, I mean, watching my sister’s wedding.

My little sister, 6 years younger than me, my ONLY sibling, my friend, the prettier and skinnier version of Adam, just got married. His name is Andrew “Smith” (I know, totally sounds made up, right?). Andrew and Sarah now make Andrew & Sarah Smith. It makes me a brother-in-law to someone and it makes someone the same to me. It’s a good thing I like this guy.

The kids were both in the wedding, too (our kids, not theirs — since they have none). Lexi and Mac both tore it up, both in the cool “great job” way and also in the more literal sense of the phrase. Emily did an excellent job of keeping a bunch of stuff in line, something she’s very good at and is reason #8,410 that I love her so much. Emily’s parents were there, too, helping to manage the kids as Emily was pinning flowers on people and telling me to go with this tie instead of that one. I was one of three pastors (a trinity, if you will, only less perfect) that officiated the deal. I’m not a Rev. yet, so I have only the authority to say, with complete confidence and power, “I cannot marry you but that guy can.” I really need to get that ordination thing done, though I don’t want to rush it because a leader gave me a hard time about being too eager to get ordained. I was far too passionate about ministry for his taste, which I guess I can take as a compliment. I’m not too sure what to make of it, though, since that guy is now doing something else.

I have derailed.
Back at it.

Anyway, I’m very happy for my sister and her new husband. I’m also excited about a birthday gift that was given to me today. It is a book that I have eyed but never bought for many reasons, some of which include the sheer weight of the thing. If you’ve read this blog before (hi, mom), you know that I have a tendency to end up with heavy books. But this book just seemed far too heavy and appeared to be priced by the pound by the happy shopkeep, thus my lack of transaction for it. The book I refer to, of course, is the Ronald Regan Diaries. It’s a printing of the daily written words of the 40th president during his tenure in the White House. I’m rather excited about reading it because I’ll read the words of a great leader while I work out my triceps. Good deal.

A quick status update:
1. Kids are asleep, having been worn out by being puppets of cute (Malachi handed out thousands of high-fives this weekend, Lexi hugged as many people).
2. Emily is unwinding before the week begins (t-minus 9 hours)
3. I am in the basement, petting a kitten, listening to a podcast and realizing how big a weekend it was, joining Emily in counting down the hours. Most of these hours, however, will go by quickly because I will be asleep.

On Tomorrow’s RadBlog: Using old CD’s to serve berries.

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