Lazy Saturday Post

While one little Davidson is off to Grandma & Grandpa’s, another hangs out here at home, enjoying every moment of Mommy and Daddy’s undivided attention and basking in the joys of playing — unhindered — with all of the toys in the box.

Some friends are swinging by today, which always puts us in super clean everything mode, which is somewhat ironic of you know Emily because she’s pretty much always in that mode. This has proven especially true as we are counting the weeks until little Davidson #3, due out this Christmas. When I put it that way, she sounds like a movie release. If so, she will be the feel good film of the year.

I’ve mentioned here before that Saturdays are my Sundays because Sundays are my Mondays (and so on right down the line). I’m sorry — there’s just no Sabbath when you’re worried about whether or not you got all the details for Sunday Worship covered. I can feel the new week just around the corner, but I ignore it for as long as I can, since this truly is the weekend. As the old song goes, everybody’s workin’ for it (the weekend, that is).

I’m slowly reading through the Old Testament these days, something I started in the third week of October, which I admit doesn’t look very disciplined on paper. But I dig it. Today I’m hovering around Exodus 4-5. That Moses. He’s got something to teach me about the Sovereignty of God and the significant lack of details that He gives us along the way. “I want you to go here.” If God were to tell Moses everything he was about to experience in the Letting Go, I’m sure it would be a phone book of instruction, analysis, detail assessment and appendices like “Cooking in the Desert: Don’t Eat the Sand”.
None of that. Just God saying to Moses “I want you to go here.” When you have a command and the blessing, how can you not?

Ah well. Now to drink more coffee and contemplate life’s finer things like — where exactly do leaves go?

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