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Every once in a while I come across a search term that brought a “hit” to radblog (now with literally 2 or less hits per day). These are phrases that people put into search engines that have drawn them here. Sometimes I’ve talked about it already; other times I see it as an opportunity (read: excuse) to talk about it here, as if they “requested” it.

  • are good leaders morning people
  • Short answer: yes, but…
    Long answer: no, since…

    Are good leaders morning people? Are morning people good leaders? Let’s see…

  • Morning people tend to get up before their alarm goes off and consider sleeping in to be staying in bed past 6am.
  • Morning people are chipper, happy individuals with a bright outlook on life. Oh, and they usually fall asleep on the couch while “Wheel of Fortune” is on.
  • What have we deducted? First off, morning people are good leaders as long as the event starts at 7 and ends by 3. If it’s an all-nighter, then the question is this: are people who are addicted to Red Bull good leaders?
    Second, positive leaders tend to do well with small to mid-sized organizations since everyone has to be around them. Steve Jobs, however, may not roll out of his iBed until noon and not get happy until 3:30 or so, and I certainly won’t hold that against him.
    Third, there was a recent study that indicated that the most creative time for individuals is 10:04 PM (not the morning). This is, statistically, when our brains are firing the most sparks and we end up with the best ideas. The same happens when people take showers, I’ve heard.

    Let’s build a perfect leader:
    – Morning person
    – Needs little sleep
    – Stays up past 10:04PM, giving them enough time to write down their idea
    – Takes showers in a humanly acceptable rate (average of at least 0.8 per day)

    Short answer: yes, but that doesn’t mean that they take showers.
    Long answer: no, since the main thing is to be awake when you’re the most productive.

    Don’t take me for an example. I roll out of bed as early as 5:30am some mornings so that I can be in the broadcast booth, yet I will be in my church office well past 9:30pm tonight, hoping to have my good idea (at 10:04pm) while talking to Emily about politics or discussing the best way to stop Lexi from pouring milk down the air duct in the dining room.

    Good question, anonymous blog searcher! Thanks for letting me answer a question directed at someone else. -rad

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