Weekend Edition

We’ve already had some delicious French toast and bacon for breakfast. Emily is working on some Potato Soup for lunch/dinner and Malachi is driving ‘Mater on the walls of the house. I’m listening to NPR and leafing through the news as I tend to do every day. Here are a few headlines that catch my attention on this delicious Saturday:

  • The Detroit News reports that thrift stores are thriving in these economic times. Salvation Army, Goodwill and others are expanding to meet customer demand. I’ve always said that I’d rather spend $1.50 on a vintage tee shirt than to spend $12.99 at Target on a new vintage tee shirt replica. Some people think it’s gross to wear clothes that other people have sweated in, but those people don’t do laundry. story
  • Barack Obama has an illegal alien for an aunt. He denies knowledge of this and believes that the appropriate laws should be followed. If I ever run for public office, I will be sure to plan ahead to have everyone bring their birth certificates to the next family reunion. story
  • This is like the time I used the phrase “non-pregnant man” on the air. You must be careful of what you say, Cindy McCain.
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