Live TV Commentary: The Office

I really dig The Office (American Version). By my saying “American Version”, you might guess that there is more than one version. Your guess is correct: there are 2 versions. The NBC, of which I am watching the opening montage as we speak, and the BBC, of which I am not watching as we speak. I guess in one way I am watching the BBC version because it inspired the whole franchise, but in another way I am not (if you know what I mean).

Michael is dating the new HR rep, played by an actress was just interviewed this morning on the Today Show (Copyright, Matt Lauer). It’s good to see Michael dating someone who is like him in so many ways. Then again, this isn’t always a good thing. At least they can be awkward together as we watch (with one eye squinting closed because of the awkwardness).

Dwight and Phyllis have tension because Phyllis knows of Dwight’s misdeeds with an engaged woman. It’s good to see Phyllis pushing the beta male around.

Yup, we can hear Michael and the new HR rep.
– During the commercial, let me mention aloud that I went to the Apple store today with my Dad. He has never seen things like AppleTV, GarageBand, and the internet. It was a good time at the always hospitable Apple Store.

(and, we’re back)

Uh oh: the office has been broken into. Dwight makes HP Computer product placement. It turns out it’s Michael and HR girl’s fault for not locking the place (the robbery, not the product placement).

Tension, too, between Pam and Jim (only a little: Emily thinks there’s none). She’s a girl, so I trust her emotional intelligence more than mine.

You’ve got to admit it: Michael is never shy in front of a group, nor is he short on material for a staff meeting. Whether or not people care is irrelevant to him. As his mug says, he’s a pretty good boss.
He is also very good, as we see, at making up acronyms: C.R.I.M.E. A.I.D. Wow — Michael is a very good auctioneer who’s not afraid to say “Let’s hear it for me!”.

Roy’s back. Jim is scared. Kevin is a tax man. Dwight has the blues.
– During this commercial, I should probably bring up the fact that someone brought us an Apple Pie today.

(and, we’re back)

The guy who plays David Wallace was one of the actors at the Office Party that took place in Scranton, PA. Jim, Pam, Michael and Dwight were not there.

Phyllis slapped Dwight. Jim obviously wants to slap Roy — they are sitting next to each other at a bar. Both should designate a driver. Jim has designated himself and is driving to Pam’s school.
Jim has turned around.
– I should say during this break that Burger King has the best dessert, and it’s the Hersey Chocolate pie.

(and, we’re back)

I can see three-ring binders in this shot. And a kiss between manager and HR. David Wallace is watching and is surprised. Plot points placed.

(and, we’re done)

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