slotMusic cards and play-ahs

The next time you buy a CD may be the last. Well, okay. That may not be true. But what is true is the arrival of more technology that will put the Compact Disc out of business (and put them in the business of Coasters and post-modern mirrors). Have you seen the slotMusic card? Check it out:

  • The slotMusic cards have a capacity of 1GB – the equivalent of one full-length album, along with liner notes, album art and sometimes videos. Individual cards sell for $14.99, about the price of a traditional CD.
  • Alan Thicke sings his favorites
    Alan Thicke sings his favorites
  • slotMusic makes today’s hottest music available on interoperable microSD cards that let fans instantly plug and play albums into their microSD slot-enabled mobile phones, portable media players, computers, and an increasing number of car stereos.
    More than just your typical music albums or single downloads, slotMusic cards boast 1GB (gigabyte) of capacity to offer artists a compelling new way to express themselves to their fans. In addition to songs, slotMusic cards may hold liner notes, album art, videos and other creative content that an artist may choose.
  • Your thoughts? Would you buy one? Are you an iTunes/Amazon downloader? Or — are you a limewire/acqusition user? If so, you can confess here.