RadBlog Update

Thanks to an old college friend’s diagnosis, I now realize that I don’t update RadBlog in a predictable manner. I had originally intended to write a post every day, but as soon as you miss one day it becomes easier to miss 2, 3 or 47 days. Blogs are like pets — you want to get one, yet you sometimes loathe feeding it, washing it, bathing it and cleaning up after it. But I shouldn’t complain; after all, I got myself into this mess. So I will embrace it full on and keep putting stuff on, much to the joy of all who read, a readership that spans from my mom to my Aunt Trish. Hi!

You should also know that, because I’m more of a talker than a writer, you can download an occasional RadCast (podcast) here. I would be honored if you took a listen, though the less people download it, the less I have audio files that are probably going to be a bit embarrassing in 20 years, much like it would be to have my Grandma start distributing tapes of “WRAD”, a radio show I recorded between 5th and 6th grade.

I’m glad you read this blog. I have stores to tell about my kids, but that will need to wait until next time. I’ll give you a hint: screen door.