Saturday Evening Post

Okay, it’s actually Sunday morning, but seriously, it must be Saturday evening somewhere. This would be true if I were writing this in Australia, a place that seems so far ahead of the rotation of the earth that I am almost sure they celebrate the new year sometime around December 4. This would explain Dick Clark’s incredible aging pattern. Anyway….

Saturday was a good day. Here are some highlights:

  • Spring Arbor University threw a homecoming bash that included the SAU Spirit Tent with free food, inflatables for the kids and balloon sculpting. The night ended with what I hope were fireworks because I woke up to the windows shaking sometime around 9pm.
  • Michigan lost to the University of Toledo, a sure sign of the end times. This is like your fourth-grader little sister beating you up before your Senior prom. It just isn’t right and should never be shared with anyone. Some people blame Rich Rodriguez (for the game, not for your sister’s mean streak).
  • If you grew up around the auto industry, this came as a bit of a surprise as it was revealed that General Motors and Chrysler are thinking of partnering and becoming ChryslGM or General Chrysler or GChryslerM or something. Still sounds better than DaimlerChrysler, I guess.
  • Sharks capable of virgin birth? The last time that happened, all of time and history changed. I don’t think this will be quite the same. I can’t wait until it comes out that the shark is just covering up some scandal that the media will no doubt name “SharkGate”, since the media loves their gates and it’s obvious that some kind of gate was left open at the aquarium one night.
  • Turns out low gas prices are a bad thing. We can never have a nice Christmas, eh?
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