Everyone Knows it’s Christmas



Christmas Trees & Palm Trees

Behold: Christmas Trees & Palm Trees



I was in a certain home improvement warehouse which shall remain nameless, except that it was the opposite of High’s.  Now that’s  cryptic.  

Nevertheless, I was in this store on September 27 and came across their Pre-Halloween Christmas Display, which left my consumer mind in a whirl of seasonal confusion.  Here we are, sunny and nearly 80 degrees in beautiful south-central Michigan, and it’s a magnificent celebration of the North-Pole.  I loved the juxtaposition.  So I entered into dialogue with an aproned employee that I shall recount now:


me: (beholding Christmas in September) Wow.

apron: Sir?

me: Christmas.  I mean… Christmas! (bold indicates happy shouting)

apron: (befuddled and apologetic) yes, Christmas.

me: Love Christmas.  

apron: See, Roger (I don’t think she was talking to me, since my name doesn’t even rhyme with Roger), someone likes it.

me: You mean…

apron: Not everyone likes it. 

me: Well, I Love it.  And I’m going to take a picture while you’re not looking.  

Okay, I didn’t say the last sentence out loud, because I have learned the hard way that most corporate retail entities do NOT want you taking pictures in their store.  Don’t ask me why, unless you really, really want to.  So I took a picture of this juxtaposition that I am still celebrating — Christmas & Summer.  If you look close, you’ll notice potted palm trees in the distance, which is where they should be in September if you ask me.  Which you didn’t, and for which I hope you’ll forgive me. 

I believe, oh blog reader, that this tells us a few things about the world. If I may ponder…

  • Christmas is less spiritual, more commercial (obviously)
  • Anytime something spiritual becomes commercialized, people get frustrated with what is, by design, a source of hope and joy.
  • The role of the Church, specifically within the worship narrative, is to redefine Christmas biblically, and to stop blaming people for their misunderstanding since the root cause of this is 1)spiritual lack of understanding and 2)the lack of passionate communication by the Body, which includes yours truly.
  • I love Christmas because I know what it means for my existence. The twinkling lights are cool, but what’s better is the object — the Person — to which they point.

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