Independence Day 2008

AKA July 4th or “July Fourth” or simply “the Fourth”, as in “I plead the fourth, which is the wrong thing to say in court because it’s like saying “you’re not going to look in the trunk, are you?” to the police officer. Other things not to say to the cops when you get pulled over include:

  • I bet I could do your job. So… let’s trade jobs. You now work at Wendy’s. And I’ve got a tazer.
  • I told the guy “no cops”! Man, kidnapping is hard work.
  • You seem nervous. I have some concealed paraphernalia that could take the edge off.
  • I’m thankful for the police because they keep this democracy of ours safe. And I’m thankful for a democracy and for freedom. And I’m thankful for freedom of speech (our first amendment) that clearly indicates that I am simply writing a silly blog that points fun at my own foibles as a vehicle for pride in the USA, and should in no way lead to any trouble with the aforementioned police.

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