More on Being an Early Adopter

Strange as it may be, I don’t hold a grudge against the Apple Corporation.  Some do, though; especially those who bought the iPhone upon its initial release where it was anywhere between $399 and (whoa) $599.  They may be upset because they see that the new iPhone is now $199 if not cheaper and, adding a pinch of salt to that wound, is at least twice as fast.  And it hasn’t even been that long since the initial release, which makes it even more difficult to swallow.

Technology depreciates all too quickly, I guess, which makes some people feel taken by the very company they love.  But not me.  This is the price of being an early adopter. No more oohs and aahs when de-pocketing the iconic handheld device.  Seldom will people on a bus or in the mall look twice or even ask to touch it, like it’s some kind of electronic relic.  The days of iPhone boast (brought on by the simple status of ownership) are over, as Apple thoughtfully puts it in the hands of just about everyone.

And while everyone else will pay less than half for twice the speed, I will be thankful.  Thankful that I have purchased something that delivers what it promises, remains faithful when other phones have smoke coming out of their speaker ports, and lives up to the dreams embedded in every Steve Jobs speech.  I don’t “love” an inanimate object, but I do “love” that it makes my life (lived with the people I love) easier.

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