My friend and intern pal brought me a Kazoo from a certain coffee place that tends to use a single letter in their signage.  It’s a large letter B, or, simply, a “Big B” if you will.  Anyway, they’re handing out kazoos to their employees for some reason — or maybe it’s customers, I don’t know. And now I have an official coffee kazoo that tells us to “B happy”. And I am, because these things are better than your typical dollar store fare but not quite as nice as what you’d get here. Kazoos are fun and friendly to the environment. They also make great gifts for the people you love. Last but certainly not least is the music, which will go as far as your humming and breathing abilities will take you. It’s the poor man’s recorder. And I don’t mean reel to reel.
This thinking about kazoos led me to start thinking about how to hook one up to a guitar amp, since kazoos on their own just aren’t distorted enough for my taste. Lo and behold:
You can read about how to electrify a kazoo here.

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