The Church’s One Foundation

Yes, hymn number 277.  We’ll sing just verse 1, 2 and 4, and stand on the last verse.  277.  Yes.  Two. Seventy.  Seven.  Let’s sing.

You’ve just experienced a bit of Worship Leader* banter, brought to you by years and years of, well, Worship Leader bantering. This Sunday we’re singing this hymn — “The Church’s One Foundation”. I’m studying the lyrics for Sunday, something I like to do so that I’m not thrown off by words like “ebenezer” or “bulwark” or “thee”. I also study the lyrics because I want to know deeply what it is that we’re singing.Hymn writers were geniuses. We have no idea what it’s like to build anything to last anymore; things are so disposable in our society. Our clothes. Our cars. Our homes. Our electronics. Definitely our electronics. You can get a DVD player with a tank of gas in some places, but it won’t matter because in 6 months it won’t work. This is because either the technology has moved on or the thing burned itself to the ground. Or both.I don’t think hymn writers ever thought “It won’t matter”. They wrote for the sake of teaching theology to the people of their day — and to future generations. And here we are, singing a song that’s older than the old organ in the old sanctuary. I don’t know if my kids will sing this song, but I would bet cash money they won’t be singing “Draw Me Close”. There’s a great song with great lyrics, but it doesn’t have the staying power to make it 15 years, let alone 100 or so.  What songs are we singing/writing now that will have the same kind of resilience to time that our hymns have? Maybe I’m wrong about “Draw Me Close”. I don’t know. I’m just blogging out loud.  ————-

*or song leader to some

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