Barnes / Davidson Project (BDP)

Just did a “gig” at the local University. That’s what musicians call it — a “gig”. Ben Barnes and I played guitar and keyboard, respectively. But not respectably. Anyway, we even had a “Merch” table — that’s what musicians call it — “merch”, which is short for “merchant of venice” which is long for “merchandise”. Sold some BDP shirts that were custom pressed for this event at BDP (Ben’s Dad’s Place) and even had our #1 album available for sale. It’s our first album, so I’m sure you’ll want to pick it up before they’re all gone and become “collectible” or, really… “coasters”.

We have a myspace page here, though I have no idea what’s on it. Apologies in advance for those who dare to click. Another one for the BDP @ SAU!

UPDATE — someone had a camera at the event:

CAPTION: Both musicians simultaneously wonder what the other is doing.

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