Happy All-Saints Day Eve

Dress up in a costume.
Collect candy.
Consume candy.
Regret eating candy and, sometimes, costume.
Yup… it’s Halloween. 
This year our plan is simple — use costumes that are already lying around the house.  Lexi is going as a pumpkin — all it takes is an orange sweatsuit and a green knit cap.  Simple, yet elegant.  Mac is going as a hunter, a sign of his cultural relevance in Jackson County. He’ll don pre-existing camouflage and carry a bag with a bear in it so that he can boldly proclaim “I bagged a bear”.  He may bag a pumpkin, too — but only if things get out of hand.
 Our church is hosting Trunk ‘or’ Treat tonight from 6-8pm. It’s supposed to rain, but who can really predict the future? Okay, well… besides meteorologists?

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