A cluttered desk = a cluttered mind. But an empty desk…

I’m trying to clean up my office and I thought of the above quote from Michael Scott (the Office). Ah… the simple wisdom embedded within incompetence. I love it. It’s something I can relate to.

Recent studies suggest that people with super-clean work areas aren’t much more productive than people with messy desks. The reasoning behind this is pretty common sense: what looks messy to some makes sense to the desk-user. For instnace, I can track down anything on my desk, remembering that it’s under something or holding up a cup of coffee, etc. The second reason, however, that clean desks don’t increase productivity is that these clean folks spend so much time clean-ing that they lose work time. Ha! I think that argument holds water… but what about thee?


About radamdavidson

I'm a husband, dad, and pastor living in Portage, Michigan. I suppose I'm a euphoric melancholy generalist with average skills, experiences, and passions across several intertwined disciplines and hobbies including music, speaking, writing, leadership, ministry, and collecting cultural artifacts from the 1980's -- mostly vintage boomboxes. You can read my blog at www.radamdavidson.com, subscribe to my podcast (RadCast) or friend me on facebook.com/radamdavidson. about.me/radamdavidson
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4 Responses to A cluttered desk = a cluttered mind. But an empty desk…

  1. Al Mellinger says:


    YES!!! YES!!! – I am a piler not a filer and have been for over 25 years of minstry. I know what is in my pile and how to find it. It is just how my mind works!


  2. Casserrelli says:

    as long as the Piles don’t destroy important documents…. 😦

  3. Anonymous says:

    I stumbled upon your post since I’m writing one about the cluttered desk syndrome as well. I will post a link of your blog in mine if that is OK with you. I would like to reference your post.

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