Why is Cherry Coke Pink?

Cherry Coke (now known as Coca-Cola Cherry) came out when I was just a lad — 5 years old, to be exact. I loved it. And still do. But their cans are pink, which I know is the new black (or whatever) but is still quite Barbie/Barney-ish to me. This wasn’t an issue until someone saw me drinking it and made fun, asking if I’m drinking carbonated Pepto-Bismo (do they even make that stuff?) or if I was just getting in touch with my inner Strawberry Shortcake.

IN related news, here are the variations available in the Coca-Cola arena of sugary refreshers:

Coca-Cola • New Coke • Coca-Cola Cherry • Coca-Cola with Lime • Coca-Cola Vanilla • Coca-Cola Citra • Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla • Coca-Cola Blāk • Coca-Cola with Lemon • Coca-Cola Raspberry
Diet Coke/Coke Light • Coca-Cola C2 • Coca-Cola Zero • Coca-Cola Cherry Zero • Coca-Cola Light Sango • Diet Coke Plus

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