Malachi Updater 5

We got home last night with little Mac in tow. Well, actually, he was in the back seat, safely restrained according to our state laws. You can’t tow a kid; not in Michigan (lower peninsula)!

The big trick right now is keeping his head safe — can’t bump it, hit it, stand on it, etc. Explain that to an 18 month old and all you get is “ball”. We also have to keep him from sleeping on his stomach for the next six weeks. My mom suggested loosely tying his wrists down, which explains a lot about my upbringing. But it raises a good point — how do you stop a baby from sleeping on its tummy? Answer = Car Seat. It has buckles but its not inhumane. Perfect.

And yes — the car seat is out of the car. It’s in our living room right now, propped in front of that wonderful Elmo’s world. Mmm…babysitting puppets.
152fsesame-street-elmo-loves-you-posters.jpggood thing Elmo loves us…

Thanks for praying for us. Emily and I have a great family & wonderful friends. Psalm 127 says that children are a reward, a blessing, an honor. We don’t take for granted what we’ve got and what we’ve been given through this. We’re thankful!


  1. I can’t wait to have kids so i can feed them rum when there sick, or tie them down by the wrists when they can’t sleep on the belly! Glad to hear that the little guy is making progress. Good luck with the whole car seat thing!!

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