Malachi Updater 4

Here’s the latest from Room 76 on Mott 6, here in glorious Ann Arbor, MI

  • Malachi has opened both eyes and has since become a different baby — walking, talking, eating, drinking, hitting (like old times)
  • Doctors are happy and think we’ll head home tomorrow — as long as things keep tracking tonight.
  • Mott features “room service” where, instead of bringing you heaps of miscellaneous hospital food, you order from a menu and they bring it up in a matter of minutes. Mac loves hamburgers and hot dogs and has eaten more in the last hour than he has in the last week.
  • We are blessed to have a room at the Med Inn — which is just like a Holiday Inn and is attached to the hospital. It takes us 4 mintues to get from hotel room to hospital room. What it means for me is that I can rest like a big man on a regular bed instead of a couchette. Emily and I work in shifts. I have been sleeping days and working the night shift — which means I will need to adjust once we get home.
  • Tomorrow will mark the first day in a L O N G time that we’ve missed a Sunday. Fortunatley I have a crack squad of talented folks that will more than cover in my absence at SAFMC. Thanks, guys!
  • One comment

    1. Adam & Emily,

      Thanks for keeping us posted and up to date. We are praying for you and the kids – who has had Alexis? How is she doing?

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