Malachi Updater

Surgery for my son Malachi’s craniosynostosis went very well. The Doctors are happy with his recovery, though nothing can prepare you for the swelling. Poor guy. Once he’s able to open his eyes, they’ll let us check out and go home. We’re all looking forward to that.

It’s 3:04 AM on Friday. Parents are tired but thankful. I slept from 10PM-2AM and now Emily is getting rest at the Med Inn — where Hospital meets Holiday Inn. Malachi and I now sit and wait…letting antibiotics protect and allowing time for swelling to subside. I know that te Lord is with us and the prayers of His people are making a profound impact. We’re grateful for the love and support we’ve gotten during this time. God is great!

I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to update the RadBlog, since I unplugged a hospital computer to get this connection. I think its okay, since it comes off of a wall plate that says “parents laptop connection”. I’m a parent. I have a laptop. That’s okay, right?


  1. I’m so glad he is doing well! Poor little guy… You all will be needing quite the rest after this week. I’m praying for you all. You are such good parents, and your children are blessed to have you.

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