Linkfest 4 – Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend

  • Check out USA Today’s story on America’s RQ (Religion Quotient). It turns out that 50% of High School Seniors polled believe that Sodom and Gomorrah… were married. Hmm… it just got awkward.
  • How much should I weigh? Find out here
  • So you want to cancel your Cell Phone Service? Man, I wish I had seen this before I paid for the last two months of service.
  • Free Starbucks? Yup. Thursday, March 15th. Be there. Be ready to stand in line.
  • DriveConference ’06 @ NorthPoint videos are available — for free — and you don’t stand in line. Videos here.
  • Life Cycle of a Church. Interesting. Taking healthy risks is a critical component of keeping the church alive and out of management mode.
  • If you’re looking to relocate to Metro Toledo (and who isn’t?), we’ve already got the perfect place for you to live.
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