WireLESS? Wireless-less? Wireful?

From ExperiencingWorship.com:

“Can your church use existing wireless systems after 2009? No. Not reliably. Can your church buy a comparable wireless system to the one in use today, that is future proof? No. There are some options, but these systems have 2W output power, require a license to operate, are digital and very expensive compared to what most people have now. Like $3k per channel +/-. I feel your pain right now. I just purchased $10k of Shure UHF-Rs and need to replace 8 Sennheisers still. It’s all junk in two years, three years max.”

A college professor once raised the question: “How long until we run out of bandwidth?” At the time — 1998 — I thought that was about as hip as asking “why can’t we use Betamax?” Looks like it’s a valid question for the church, and that Bill Hybels was right to insist on a wired lav. Read the entire article here.

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