Learning from the Church-at-large

These sites have video of their services. Good stuff.

Crossroads Church in Denver, CO has a great instrumental variety, solid trinitarian view of worship and (I think) writes a fair amount of in-house songs.

Granger Community Church in Mishawaka, IN is an excellent example of top-notch production quality mixed with simplicity in worship. They do a great job of making their specials shine.

Mars Hill Church in Grandville/Grand Rapids, MI is Rob Bell’s baby and has music that is just as unique (in a good way). “Why not open the worship service with a Marching Band drum cadence?” someone once likely asked at a service planning meeting. It’s cool.

iTunes windows window
And now a note on looking at other churches. I think it’s important to question what God is doing in your community that is unique and therefore calls for a unique ministry. Continually commit to indigenous ministry. Then (and only then!) look ot other churches for inspiration. That’s just my 2 cents.

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